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Apply For Singapore PR

Living in Singapore definitely has its own advantages apart from the fact that the country is extremely beautiful. Therefore a lot of people are vying for permanent residence status so that they can reap the many rewards or benefits associated with this. Becoming a permanent resident or PR of Singapore is beneficial for you because you will be able to enjoy advantaged healthcare, subsidies for education, etc.

Singapore is a warm and highly hospitable country since it accepts immigrants so that their diverse talents would add to its viability and vibrancy. During the year 1996-2006, about thirty six thousand people were successful at getting Singapore PR. Meanwhile, in the year 2007, about fifty seven thousand people were conferred with Permanent Residence (PR status).

Therefore you too should apply for Singapore PR and take advantage of the fact that this country receives individuals entering it with open arms and a lot of warmth. Those who have experienced life in Singapore are definitely eager to get the status of Permanent Residence in Singapore.

Those who wish to apply for Singapore PR status can directly do so through us. We would help them out so as to enable them to live in this highly attractive place. If you are a foreigner then you will be able to obtain PR status after you work in Singapore for six months minimum. This period can stretch to five years as well. To make your job easier, we have the forms that you will need in order to apply for PR status. Therefore you just have to duly fill up the form and then send it to us and let us handle it from here. You need not worry because we will be keeping you updated on the status of your application. Therefore it would do you good to hire our services.

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