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Bridging Loan Singapore

Bridging loanSingapore – what is it?

A bridging loan, also known as caveat loan or simply bridge loan is a Singapore loan that is designed to provide you with short term finance based on the value of the land or property which can be released very quickly. The reason why it is called bridging loan is because it acts as a bridge, meaning it links one set of circumstances with another.

What can this type of loan be used for?

Bridging loan Singapore provides the borrower with bridging finance which can be used for any of the following purposes. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, it is just meant to give a brief idea of the various uses of this loan. The purposes are as follows:

- Development of property
- Business opportunities
- Purchases in auctions
- Chain-breaking
- Emergency cash release, such as tax bills
- Avoiding financial crisis like bankruptcy or repossession

How much can I raise normally with bridging finance?

The amount or rather percentage that you can raise depends on a lot of factors. Here is a list of how much you can raise from the following:

Commercial property – You can raise up to 70% of the open market value of such properties or up to 100% of the purchase price!

Land with planning – It is hard to provide a rough idea of the percentage that can be raised because in this case it really depends on the land in question. Hence the percentage is negotiable.

First charge bridging (residential) – With this you can raise up to 70% of the market value or the compete purchase price.

Second charge residential bridging – In this case it is up to 60% LTV.

Why us? Why our service for bridging loans?

Great and professional advice – you can expect expert advice from us. Because Singapore bridging finance is more expensive than the other types of borrowing, we advice you to proceed with caution. Hence before you decide to go for such bridging loans, we can help you assess whether you can use other better priced alternative to meet the same needs. We would only recommend you solutions that are perfect for your situation. Trust us!

Speed – When it comes to bridging loans, time is everything! And speed definitely matters in this case. We make the best use of our experience and we draw on our expertise to make sure that you get the funding in times of dire need.

Market-leading terms – We can provide you with the most competitive terms and the best loan repayment terms for your bridging loan so that it can fit your requirements in a good manner.

About our service

Most of our clients resort to our service when they require bridging loans because of our excellent service. We strive for perfection and professionalism in our service and we do our best to satisfy our customers. We also help you to assess your objectives, maximize the cost as well as the terms during the lifetime of the bridging loan, etc. With our help, you’ll have a clear strategy and a great solution for your financial requirements!

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