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Singapore Commercial Mortgage Loan

As the owner of a company what can you do when you need money and you want to go for a secured loan because it is a better option for you? With secured loans, there are a whole lot of advantages but it also comes with the necessity of putting up an asset or a real estate as collateral. So what would you put up? Obviously you cannot put up your own house as collateral because that is a personal asset, and it is better to keep personal assets and business asset separate and distinct. So then, what choice do you have if you can’t use your personal Singapore real estate property or assets as collateral? If there is nothing left then does that means it is impossible to get a secured loan for your business?

Of course not! If you’ve heard of Singapore commercial mortgage loans then you’d be knowing that this is the perfect solution for your business needs of finance or funds. Commercial mortgage loans are similar to residential mortgage in many aspects. The main difference is that the collateral used in the former is a commercial building or a corporate real estate and not a residential property. Anyone can take out a commercial mortgage loan: owners of partnerships business, limited company, incorporated business, etc but obviously not an individual borrower.

Our Singapore commercial mortgage loans have good terms and favorable rates of interest. We can provide you with vital finance required for the any business purpose. Our process of obtaining the loan is geared towards being quick, simple and yet flexible. You can take your pick from among our mortgage products for companies. You can use the funds acquired from the commercial mortgage loan for any purpose, be it for property improvement or for business turnaround solutions or simply for raising the working capital. We also have advisors who would advice you on which Singapore commercial mortgage would suit you best and they would also help you to secure the loans with the best terms.

A Singapore commercial mortgage loan is a great choice as opposed to long term leases on commercial premises. In addition to providing one such business asset that has appreciates in value with time, you also have the option of selling it away if you don’t wish to be tied to a lease agreement. Also, the interest on our commercial mortgage loan is tax deductible.

Why choose us for your Singapore commercial mortgage loan requirements? We give you simple, fast and trusted solutions to your financial problems. We are experienced in this field and we could provide you with better advices and suggestions because we know the industry better than you, and no, we aren’t bragging, we are just making it clear to you as to why you should choose the services of an expert. We put customer satisfaction at the topmost of our priority list. We do our best to constantly improve ourselves so that we can serve you better. We also try to make the loan application process simpler and easier so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary things and processes.

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