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Singapore Commercial Property Rental

Commercial property rental is one of those factors which have a deep impact on the profitability of the business. Getting a Singapore commercial property rental is quite different from getting a residential property rental because when it comes to business, you can’t simply rent a tiny, cramped or unsuitable place for operating the business because it reflects upon the financial condition of the business. If you have observed, you’ll find that some tenants are able to rent better properties than others and the rental terms are also more favorable. So do you want to do the same too? In that case, here are some tips you can follow in this regard:

First things first, never place all your ‘eggs’ in one commercial property. This means that you’ll need to give yourself options regardless of whether you are renting or renewing a lease. So you need to locate a lot of potential rentals so that you can choose your commercial property rental from among the available viable options. By keeping your options open you’ll be able to move on to another property when a particular landlord doesn’t seem right.

The second tip in this regard would be to befriend time. This means that you should start early and try to zero in on some suitable alternatives. This way you’ll also not have to make ‘hasty decisions’ and you’ll get enough time to make your decision and do things in a timely manner! By starting the process of searching for commercial rentals early you’ll also be able to provide yourself with ample time to find out what is actually going on with the potential properties. Now, landlords normally do not disclose all the facts, they’ll only provide those which are required to ‘entice’ a potential tenant to rent their property but this meager amount of information is not enough for you; it does not give you the complete picture and in the event of lack of time you might even decide to go for the property even though only partial information has been provided to you.

If you aren’t feeling confident about the whole process then you should get experts to represent you. If you haven’t got the slightest clue regarding commercial rental property then you should not use your time or your skills for performing the task. Let us delight you with our services, we specialize in helping our clients find the right commercial rental places for business purposes and you can be sure that you’ll experience success under our guidance and through our services. We will put in time and effort to do all the research required for getting a good lease on a nice Singapore commercial rental place.

If your area of expertise does not lie in Singapore real estate then you shouldn’t be doing the comparison process yourself too because it would be like comparing apples to oranges. So let us do the comparison between different potential commercial rentals and provide you with a detailed report along with our advice. We’ll tackle all those technical jargons like load factors, modified gross, tenant improvement allowances, escalation, base years, etc for you!

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