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Foreigner Property Buyer

A foreign property buyer is defined as a person who is not the citizen of a particular country. This person can be a permanent resident, a work permit holder, a social pass holder or an employment holder. A converted company or a foreign company that is looking to buy a house is also termed as a foreign home buyer. It is a law that these foreign home buyers are not restricted from buying any properties that they want. They have almost the same rights as the citizen of a country, with only a few exceptions here and there.

So if you are a foreign property buyer and you want to buy a house then the government would consider your application duly by taking a lot of factors into account, Factors such as your ability to make a significant economic contribution to Singapore, your qualifications and whether you are a permanent resident or not. Here are a few pointers or tips that you can follow to get a better home if you are a foreign home buyer:

1. Make use of the services of a good real estate agent – A good real estate agent can help you understand all the aspects of purchasing a real estate as a foreign home buyer so you might want to align yourself with these agents so that you get what you want. Also having the services of a good realtor means that you will be able to find the most suitable home with the best terms and prices!

2. Use the services of a real estate attorney – There are a lot of tax liabilities that you have to pay when it comes to buying a real estate property and having the services of a real estate attorney who is experienced in the tax laws of that country can result in having significant tax savings!

3. Don’t forget the sprinkler systems – If you are a nature lover and you love gardening and planting small plants around your house then you should get a house with sprinkler systems so that the beauty of your landscaping can be maintained. Especially in countries like Singapore where it can get very hot, it is advisable to take care of your garden with sprinkler systems. What’s more, these systems are cheap to install or repair.

4. Pool or Jacuzzi – If you are buying the house in order to move in with your family then you can consider getting one with a pool or a Jacuzzi. Most of the people’s ideas of dream homes are the ones with a pool. If you are interested in the same too then you should get one.

5. Get good advice – You might want to consult a good real estate consultant for this purpose because there are a lot of laws that the foreign home buyers should observe. Therefore it would be easier if you have the help of someone who is experienced in his field and knows his job well. This way you can go for a home without any problems.

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