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Free Singapore Rental Valuation Indicative

The valuation of a Singapore real estate property depends upon a number of factors. The size or total area occupied by the land, the quality level and construction in a property, the number of storey or rooms in a building property, the locations where the property is placed and the application or use of the property that is residential, commercial etc. and many other factors contribute to decide the value of a property. The value of a property cannot be easily judged by an ordinary person. It involves the analysis of financial experts who deeply observe the property and estimate the results.

When it comes to renting a Singapore property a lot of other factors are also included to decide the value. Rental valuation of a property also includes the number of services available in the property which is being given for rent. For example the numbers of facilities that are already present in the property also add up or increase the current rental value. A well furnished apartment will obviously have higher rates than a non furnished one. The condition of the property also matters. A newly constructed beautiful house will have high rental value than an old house. This is easily judged but we cannot decide how much increase can be present in the rental value of a new property as compared to the old one. The extent of the difference between the two is always difficult to decide. This is why rental valuation of a property is conducted by related experts who know how to do it.

Mostly what matters a lot in a rental valuation includes the condition of Singapore property, number of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, drawing rooms and bathrooms. Additional facilities can be in the form of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. The garden or a lawn and a balcony are also considered important while finding out the value of property. Car parking and the number of cars it can accommodate is an important point that cannot be neglected whether it is a residential property or a commercial one. Rental valuation depends upon the number of valuation criteria. If a property is already rented then the current rental value per week, per month or per year is also taken into account.

For rental valuation there is a relative percentage or weight for each and every point. All these weights sum up to the actual rental value. These relative weights may vary from time to time therefore it is not easy to decide the value yourself. However you always have the option to consult any good service which takes inputs of all the important points and finds out though approximated but true value of a rental property.

There are a number of services available which do not even like to give the advice for free. They often charge for finding out the rental valuation also. There are some others which neglect many important points while making the calculations to find out the value. Therefore a rental value would be resulted incorrect and thus of no use. We provide you a free rental valuation indicative. We keep in mind all the important points to find out the truest value for your Singapore rental property.

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