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When asked about the most important investment in life, most of the people would answer the purchasing of their Singapore home. Purchasing a Singapore real estate property, be it a home or an apartment or a condo is a very important investment and one should be careful when one is making this decision. It is no child’s play and it is certainly not a decision that should be taken without proper considerations. We offer you some tips for purchasing a home, maybe you don’t need these at the moment, but they can come in handy when the time for buying a house comes!

We advise you to follow these tips in order to purchase a Singapore home at the best possible price. In today’s times, it is very easy to find beautiful homes, there’s no dearth in that but if you know how to negotiate the property than you can be sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth and is not being cheated by the seller.

First tip deals with the location. This is the most important aspect of purchasing a Singapore property. First things first, you should keep your options open by choosing a variety of locations that you’ll like to have your property in. Next narrow down your search by crossing out the areas or neighborhoods that do not have any hospital, schools or markets nearby.

The next tip is based on the process of house visiting. In this process you should take your time for viewing the property since you’re the ultimate one who’d be living in this property so you’ve the full right to inspect it properly before announcing your decision. Don’t pay attention to superficial details like the paint or maybe garden, look for more important ‘hidden’ defects such as any sign of major cracks in the building, roof leakage, infestation of termites or any type of structural cracks around the foundation. If you happen to spot a gap between the floor and the wall then it depicts earth movement and a structural problem with the building. Next pay attention to the ceiling, do you see a shiny patch on it? If yes then it might be a sign of a leakage and the seller is trying to cover it up by using gloss paint.

Tip number three is all about the surroundings of the property, you should not buy a property that faces a busy main road directly because your house would be full of environmental pollution all the time. A good rule of the thumb is to buy a house that is four or five houses away from the main road.

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