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Maid Insurance

If you are in need of a maid insurance then you do not need to stress much about it because buying a maid insurance from us is as easy as purchasing an item in a grocery! We have different packages offering various policies for you to choose from. These days maids in Singapore are very important and so it is not a bad idea to get a maid insurance or a domestic helper insurance for your domestic helper.

Insurance seem to have entered new areas and in today’s time almost everything can be insured from one’s house to one’s car and even one’s domestic helper can be insured! After all they are also a member of your household, so you might as well get an insurance policy for your maid while you’re at it. So why should you get an insurance policy for your maid? Well if you do get one then all the benefits would be in favor of the maid. So this means that in case the maid is involved in certain domestic accidents then all the expenses and hospitalization charges for it would be reimbursed or compensated all thanks to the maid insurance policy.

This kind of insurance is not only about financial protection, it also provides a sort of emotional and psychological security to the maid and the maid would be able to work with complacency and confidently at your house! Not only this, if you do choose to get a maid insurance for your maid then it would also reflect on your responsibility and credibility as an employer and thus your relationship with your maid will be strengthened further and the maid would be working much more happily. In the end, each of the two parties is happy, satisfied and more importantly each have a peace of mind!

If you want you can opt for basic maid insurance policies from us which only cover against the financial losses and medical reimbursements related to the maid. But what about the instances where the maid may choose to quit because of the natural inability to work on account of serious accidents? Well we have insurance policies for that too in the form of extensive insurance plans which include the third party’s coverage too in the event of an accident. Our maid insurance plan also covers the re-hiring fee from the agency because of the loss of the maid for unavoidable reasons.

It is very important to be backed up by such an insurance, according to the rules of the society a maid is a legal worker, so if you are hiring a maid then you should be able to shoulder the entire responsibility towards the maid. By opting to get an insurance policy for your maid, you’ll be giving the maid proper treatment. Another reason why you should opt for this kind of insurance is to give yourself as well as your domestic helper peace of mind while working productively with one another! So what are you waiting for? Start today and select one of the various maid insurance packages offered by us!

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