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In Singapore, finance and mortgage go hand in hand since these are extremely dependent on one another. Singaporeans rely on mortgage because this is one of the major modes of financing available in the country. Home ownership in Singapore can be segmented into two different categories, namely public home ownership and private home ownership. Among the two, the former ownership sector is more dominating because it covers a majority (more than 80%) of the total households in the Singapore, from the low income groups to the upper-middle income groups.
As for financing in Singapore, this too can be divided into two sectors. The first sector is the commercial finance sector and the second one is the HDB public finance sector. Individuals who own an HDB flat in Singapore would be able to get subsidized mortgage rates since they would be eligible to apply for subsidized loans, however they must be first time homebuyers. If they are buying the house for the second time then they would also be eligible to apply for subsidized loans if they want to upgrade to one more HDB flat in Singapore. This means that private homeowners or those who do not qualify for applying for such loan will have to secure the loan by applying for financing from banks or other financial institutions.

Singaporeans generally depend on mortgage and finance companies for obtaining services pertaining to the same because it is more convenient that way and therefore one would find the presence of many such companies in Singapore, both brick and mortar companies as well as online companies. The services of such companies are quite useful in case you don’t happen to have any idea about loans, finances, mortgages, etc. These companies would take on the role of your friend, philosopher and guide and help you all the way from applying for a loan to obtaining the same.

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