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Property Insurance

For most people their houses are their biggest assets, if it is the same for you then why not get a property insurance policy for your house if it is of so much value? When you can get an insurance policy for your car or your business then why not get a property insurance policy for your house too? After all your house is a reasonably large asset too so you might as well insure it. There are many different kinds of property insurances, you can insure your rental property, residential property or even commercial buildings in Singapore and we provide you with all these options! So if you need to insure your Singapore property then please do contact us.

A lot of landlords in Singapore are buying insurance on the real estate properties that they rent out to tenants, so if you are a landlord you can opt for this type of insurance to cover in case of occurrence of any damage to the building. As a homeowner with a rental property, it would be a good idea to insure your house when you are letting complete strangers live in your place. Even though the tenants may have clean criminal records and they might also have passed the screening process successfully but one never knows how they may turn out to be and thus it is best to take precautions in the first place by using a rental property insurance.

If you have a commercial property that you want to insure then you can seek our help too. An insurance policy for commercial property normally covers all the tangible and intangible business-related assets such as supplies, machinery, inventory, furniture, accounting records, securities, money, etc. If you opt for multiple-peril commercial property insurance then you can also protect your commercial real estate from losses caused by theft, fire, earthquakes, etc. When you opt for a commercial property insurance you will be protecting your company against any loss occurring to your business real estate such as loss of computers, valuable papers, money, etc.

Another kind of property insurance is known as buy-to-let property insurance. This kind of property insurance is usually meant for residential property owners who are looking to own a house or a flat in Singapore for the short or long run. By choosing this kind of property insurance you’ll be able to insure your property against fire on your property. If you want to insure your property against natural disaster then you can, for instance you can insure your residential property against storms where the strong winds can tear off the roof of your house or cause guttering.

If your house is fully furnished then you can also insure against theft which might occur in the event of you renting out your fully furnished premises to tenants. Another type of insurance you can get here is the lost earnings insurance. This is for the times when the property remains empty. This may happen during the time period of searching of potential tenants. At times lost earnings insurance can be really useful, it all depends on one’s situation.

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