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Singapore Permanent Residence Schemes

You will find that there are thousands of individuals who take up Singapore residency each year but one thing you are going to notice is that the procedure that they opt for is generally not the same. It is possible for you to get PR for your whole family, including children who are below the age of 21 years. People from different countries are interested in living in Singapore and they are also applying for permanent residency via the various schemes that are available. According to an estimate, more than thirty-six thousand individual have obtained residency in the country in the last ten years.

Most of the time, you will find that those who sought PR in the country are generally people who have been working in Singapore for at least six months to five years. On the other hand, you will find that there are other methods that are used by them to obtain PR. In this page, you are gong to find the schemes that you can opt for to get Singapore permanent residence.

    • The professional/Technical or skilled worker scheme: One of the very firsts scheme is for people who are working in Singapore.  Basically, those individuals who are presently working in the country can choose to apply for a PR in Singapore. Most people find that the easiest way they can get residency in the country is to apply through this scheme as it is the most assured technique. You will be surprised to learn that about 95% of the people who have obtained PR have got it through the PTS scheme. One of the most important requirements when you choose this scheme is that you need to be someone who is presently working in Singapore. In other words, you will need to enter the country with an employment pass or a working visa. Here, it is necessary for you to show the salary slips of at least six months before you can file your application. This means that you must have stayed in the country for a duration of at least six months.
    • The capital investor schemes: Also referred to as the Million Dollar Scheme, the capital investor scheme is another method that you can consider to get permanent residency in Singapore. If you start a new business venture in Singapore, it means that you are investing in the country and therefore you are eligible to apply for residency for yourself and your family through this scheme.
    • The Foreign Artistic Talent: Not only is Singapore a financial hub but it is also interested in promoting itself as a place where artistic talents are found. Do you have a talent in arts? Maybe you are good at film, dancing, music or any other art. In such a case, it is possible for you to apply for permanent residency via this method. It is necessary that you are well-known as an artist in your own country before you apply and if you are popular internationally, then you will have a better chance.


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