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Singapore Property Investment

Singapore is a country that is ranked very high in the world because of its standard of living, among other things. Tourism is booming here and so is the property market. If you are thinking about investing your money somewhere then you can consider investing in the real estate properties in the country because it is a good choice. The country is well known for its financial hub and it is also a place where many international conferences taken place. Many foreign investors are buying properties here because they know when they see lucrative deals. Of these investors, many are multinational companies and wealth foreigners. Of course, there are many locals who have invested and still are investing in the real estate assets in the country too.

Do you have money sitting idle? If so, then you can consider investing it in the Singapore property because you may just get a very lucrative deal in the future when you decide to sell off the same. You can buy the home and live it there or you can just keep it like that. If you would like to make some money with the property that you have purchased then you ca also do that. You can buy the property and rent the same to a tenant who will give you monthly income in the form of rent.

You will find that there are no rules that are governing the relationship between the tenants and the landlords. In other words, as a landlord you will find that you do not have any restriction. You can negotiate each and every term in the contract freely with the tenant. If any disputes arise then this can be solved via mediation. Generally, there is less chance of this but if it arises then you can easily get it solved.

One thing you need to ensure as a landlord is that you need to check the residential status of the tenant and if he is a foreigner then you should find out about the same. These are the documents that are required to be submitted before a landlord leases out the property:

  1. A photocopy of the student pass, employment pass or dependent pass for each and every occupant.
  2. Photocopy of passport of all the people who will be staying in the property.
  3. A photocopy showing the confirmation of employment in Singapore.
  4. If it is a corporate lease, then the tenant will have to give you a photocopy of the company’s registration certificate.

If you are looking for a Singapore property investment, then you will find that you will benefit if you take the help of an expert who has many years of experience in offering this kind of service. The good news is you need not look for this expert because you have found us. Having helped people with their real estate needs, we are the right person to speak to if you are thinking about buying a real estate property as an investment.

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